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Upcoming Grapes & Grains Events

The details for our already scheduled events can be found under the 'Events' option on the top menu list.

Here you will find a list of some of our upcoming event plans and dates. Our events are usually announced around a week in advance.

Grapes & Grains events are first published on our blog website and our blog subscribers notified, before we announce them on meetup.

We constantly explore new and fun things to do in the DMV, discover places off the beaten path and collaborate with some of the best art and historical communities to create a fun learning and social experience for our participants.

Wine in a Tuscan Setting - May 11th

Tuscan landscape in spring
Tuscan landscape in spring
For our next winery exploration we have selected a beautiful, Mediterranean-style winery estate which includes a delicious bistro, tasting room and internal courtyard.

Let's celebrate some nice warm spring weather in a beautiful Tuscan setting.

Check out some of our best recent exploration photos on Instagram..

Amaros, Cordials and Cocktails - May 18th

Limoncello a traditional Italian liqueur
Limoncello a traditional Italian liqueur
We are headed to the new Italian liqueur distillery in the Ivy City neighborhood, which is double the size of the previous Manor Park, that has been a favorite with many of our members.

Note: Our winery, brewery and distillery explorations will be limited to small groups due to the size of these places we plan to explore. Our blog subscribers will be notified ahead of posting this event on Meetup.

Wines of the Southern Hemisphere - May 25th

Wines of the Southern Hemisphere
Wines of the Southern Hemisphere
Our popular member hosted wine tasting events start-off as we go exploring the wines from the Southern Hemisphere which includes Argentina, Chile, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia with our host Matt.

More exciting wine tasting events down the road !!! 

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