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Rooftop Wine Tasting - Georgia, Hungary and Croatia

Our next wine tasting event with a beautiful rooftop view of Kalorama and Dupont Circle neighborhood in DC, is for our members that appreciate wines off the beaten path and the different cultures of the world.

Rooftop wine tasting
Rooftop wine tasting
During the course of the evening, we will be tasting and talking about wines from Croatia, Hungary and Georgia which is one of the most ancient wine region of the world.

Wine Tasting Details

Our core member Jeannie will be hosting this wine tasting event on her rooftop in the Kalorama neighborhood in DC, where we will be tasting wines from Croatia, Hungary and Georgia.

During the event, we will be talking about the wine culture in these countries, besides the indigenous grape varieties and the ancient wine-making techniques used for production, in some of these wine producing regions.

We have selected some refreshing wines, ideal for the summer and as we taste these wines we will share some wine pairing ideas and suggestions.

Our rooftop wine tasting venue
Our rooftop wine tasting venue
We will also have some food and light snacks to go with the wines and you are welcome to bring your own favorite snack, if you would like to enjoy it with the wines.

Getting to Know the Wine Regions


Georgia is considered to be one of the most ancient wine region of the world. Through numerous archaeological discoveries it has been found that Georgia has an 8,000 year history of wine-making tradition, and at the very core of this tradition is the use of a clay vessel called Qvevri (Kvevri).

A vineyard in Kakheti
A vineyard in Kakheti
Kakheti, the most prominent of the Georgian wine regions, spans the eastern-most foothills of the Caucasus and is known for its rich wine-making history, with many of its ancient wine-producing methods still being used today.

Kartli, on flatter land, which also includes Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, produces the wines most recognizable to European palates and is also known for its sparkling wines.

The red Saperavi and white Rkatsiteli grapes are used to make many of the region's distinctive wines.


Hungary though small in size has 22 wine regions, each with a different micro-climate producing different tastes and styles. The wines from Hungary are known for their excellent quality largely due to its climate, soil and wine-making traditions which span over a thousand years.

Winery in Eger
Winery in Eger
Tokaj, Villány & Szekszárd, Eger and the wine regions around Lake Balaton which are within a short distance of Hungary's capital city Budapest are an attraction for many visitors.

Tokaji, the sweet wines from Tokaj and Egri Bikavér known as Bull's Blood, a red blend produced in Eger are the most well know wines from Hungary.


Croatia a country with many islands and a long coastline on the Adriatic sea is also a land of many vineyards. Croatian wine history dates back to the Ancient Greek settlers who are known to have produced wine around the 4th century BC.

Croatian vineyard in Dalmatia by Andrej Neuherz
Croatian vineyard in Dalmatia by Andrej Neuherz
Primorska Hrvatska (coastal) and Kontinentalna Hrvatska (continental) are Croatia's two primary wine regions consisting of smaller sub-regions which are further divided into smaller vinogorje (vineyards) or wine-hills in Croatian. There are over 300 geographically defined wine districts in Croatia.

Plavac Mali is a highly regarded red grape variety in Croatia and the main grape grown on the coast of Dalmatia.

Tribidrag is an old Croatian grape variety which recent genetic studies have shown to be the parent of Zinfandel grape grown in California, the Primitivo grape grown in Italy and the Plavac Mali.

Event Details


Description: Wine tasting event in Kalorama, DC for members of Grapes & Grains, featuring wines from Georgia, Hungary and Croatia.

Date/Time: Sunday, July 16, 2017 6:00 PM to 9:00PM

Admission: $25 (includes wine tasting and light snacks) / Limited Spots
Tickets must be purchased using this link : Rooftop Wine Tasting

Venue: Jeannie's Rooftop in Kalorama (Address will be emailed to our participating members)

Address: Kalorama, DC, 20008

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