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A Spring Afternoon in the Countryside

As we get in the middle of the spring season where bright warm days are best enjoyed outdoors, it is time to plan a visit to the countryside, making a stop at a local farmers' market and then having a picnic at a winery, with creek-side hammocks and picnic tables.

Spring afternoon in the countryside
Spring afternoon in the countryside
We have chosen a winery known for its picturesque setting with a large picnic meadow and rolling hills that are reminiscent of a Tuscan vineyard.

A Spring Afternoon in the Countryside

Our afternoon will start with a short stop at a local farmers' market, just 8 miles west of Haymarket, on I-66, en-route to the winery where we plan to have our picnic.

Explore Farmers' Market in The Plains

Archwood Green Barns, a Sunday farmer’s market in Northern Virginia, is rich in history and local produce which includes fruits, vegetables, baked goods, goat cheese, meats (fresh and frozen), besides unexpected items such as orchids, gourds and quilted specialties.

A farmers' market
A farmers' market
The Archwood Green Barns Farmers Market has been running since 1998 and it operates every Sunday from 10am until 3pm starting from late April to early November, with vendors coming from as far as Charlottesville and Martinsburg to sell items from their farms.

An Interesting Story of the Farm

The countryside always has some interesting stories to tell, and the Archwood Green Barns has its own bit of history.

The old farm behind the barn is also the location of two graves—Candy Queen, who was born in 1924 and died in 1945 and Boston Man, who was born in 1938 and died in 1955—Both thoroughbreds were sired by two of the greatest stud horses in American racing history, Stefan the Great and Broomstick, both owned by H. Teller Archibald.

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Fun Fact - As Archibald succeeded in both the candy and horse industries, he began naming his horses after candy, such as the thoroughbreds whose remains rest at the farm.

The thoroughbreds’ graves are a testament to the story of H. Teller Archibald, the 'Candy King' of Chicago, who was born in Washington, DC in 1879, and best known for his wildly successful candy stores, which he started in Chicago in the 1920s.

A Creek-side Picnic with Farm Cheese and Baked Goods

Bring your own picnic or buy some local food items that you like at the farmer's market, optionally a picnic blanket, as our chosen winery has a beautiful picnic meadow, hillside tables, and creek-side hammocks, for a perfect spring afternoon picnic.

Picnic tables and hammocks by the creek
Picnic tables and hammocks by the creek
At the winery, You can do an individual wine tasting, if you like, and then choose a glass or bottle of your favorite wine while relaxing in the scenic warmth of the outdoors, socializing with old friends and new members of our social community.


Friendly dogs are welcome on the vineyard.

Thomas Jefferson never had the chance to drink good wine from Virginia, but after 200 years his dream has come true.

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Event Details


Description: A spring afternoon in the Virginia countryside, exploring a farmers' market and having a winery picnic.

Date/Time: Sunday May 13, 2018 11:30 AM to 3:00PM

Admission: Free / Grapes & Grains members must RSVP

Tentative Schedule

11:30 am - 12:00 pm - Archwood Green Barns
4557 Old Tavern Road The Plains, Virginia 20198

12:30 pm - 3:00 pm - Three Fox Vineyards
10100 Three Fox Ln. Delaplane, VA 20144

Google Map for Archwood Green Barns

Google Map for Three Fox Vineyards

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