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Rooftop Rosé Tasting

Warm spring and summer days can be best enjoyed with bright, lively, crisp wines such as the rosé which has its best expression when the sun is out and the warm breeze gently sways.

Rooftop wine tasting
Rooftop wine tasting
At our next wine tasting event, with a beautiful rooftop view of Kalorama and Dupont Circle neighborhood in DC, we will taste some rosé wines from around the world.

Wine Tasting Details

Our core member Jeannie will be hosting this wine tasting event on her rooftop in the Kalorama neighborhood in DC, where we will be tasting different rosé wines from around the world.

We have selected some refreshing wines, ideal for the summer and as we taste these wines we will share some wine pairing ideas and suggestions.

Our rooftop wine tasting venue
Our rooftop wine tasting venue
We will have salad, different pizzas and dessert to go with the wines as we enjoy them with a beautiful rooftop view of Kalorama and Dupont Circle neighborhood in DC.

During the course of the evening, we will be tasting and talking about rosé wines while socializing with friends and our social community members.

Getting to Know Rosé

For those that strictly prefer a red or a white wine, rosé often provides the option to share a wine, providing the refreshing acidity of the white wines and a little tannin of the red wines as it incorporates some of the color from the grape skins, but not enough to qualify it as a red wine.

Why Rosés Never Age ?

Rosé can be produced in a variety of ways with the most common method being early pressing of red grape varieties after a very short period, usually 12–24 hours, of skin-contact, known as maceration.

Different shades of rosés
Different shades of rosés
During maceration, phenolics such as the anthocyanins and tannins that contribute to color, antioxidants and flavor components are extracted from the skins, seeds and any stems left in contact with the grape juice.

While the maceration process for red wines will last several days to even several weeks, the very limited maceration of rosés means that these wines will have less stable color, flavor components and oxygen protection. This contributes to wines with shorter shelf-life that are meant to be consumed soon after release.

Maceration time and the grape varieties used for making a rosé determines its color.

Event Message Board

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Event Details


Description: Rosé wine tasting and social event in Kalorama, DC featuring wines from around the world.

Date/Time: Sunday, June 3, 2018 6:00 PM to 9:00PM

Admission: $30 (includes wine tasting and food) / Limited Spots

Venue: Jeannie's Rooftop in Kalorama neighborhood (Address will be emailed to our participating members)

Address: Kalorama, DC, 20008

Event Guest List

After you have reserved a spot, your name will be added to the confirmed guest-list. The list is periodically updated, after you have received your confirmation email.

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