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Summer Night Picnic and Twilight Polo

As the days of summer come to an end, we look forward to one of our favorite annual outdoor events as we plan to enjoy a warm summer night with an outdoor picnic while watching a twilight game of polo and an after game party with DJ music.

Twilight polo
Twilight polo
We are headed to the horse country for a twilight game of polo, with our favorite grapes or grains beverage, picnic blanket, some food to share.

Twilight Polo

Among the fun things to do in the DMV, during summer is the Twilight Polo at Great Meadow in The Plains, considered a great outing by many local and city dwellers to enjoy an outdoor picnic while watching a game of polo.

There are three matches each Saturday night. Long before the first match starts at 6 p.m., regulars begin arriving to spread their blankets and picnics on the grassy hill overlooking the arena.

Twilight polo match
Twilight polo match
But don't be intimidated if you have never seen a polo match; Twilight Polo is an easy introduction to the sport.

Unlike polo that is played on grass, where the field stretches the equivalent of around three football fields, this version is played in a small dirt arena, making it much easier to see the ball and keep up with the action. The announcer also calls the plays and explains penalties.

Our Potluck Grapes or Grains Beverage Picnic

We will set up some blankets for the food, but please bring either a picnic chair or a blanket to sit back and watch the game along with your favorite grapes or grains beverage and some light food to share.

Twilight Polo is a fun event to invite your friends for a night in the countryside to watch the horses gallop amid the crisp fresh summer breeze while enjoying a picnic.

Twilight polo picnic
Twilight polo picnic
After the polo match we will continue with our picnic and join the post game party in the pavilion with DJ music.

The entry for the polo event is $25 per car purchased in advance or $30 at the gate, and we recommend carpooling for this event and sharing the cost.

Our picnic spot
Our picnic spot

Our Picnic Spot

We usually set up our picnic spot near the announcers tent, so participants can easily find our group.

What to wear?

Wear what you are comfortable in! Feel free to wear your hat if you can, as it's one of the few occasions that you get to use it.

Some of our group members wearing their hats
Some of our group members wearing their hats
Do be aware most of the event is on grass, pointed heels are not recommended.

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Description: Our annual summer picnic event while watching a game of twilight polo at Great Meadow in The Plains.

Ticket Purchase: Twilight Polo 2019

Date/Time: Saturday, September 7th, 2019 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Venue: Great Meadow

5089 Old Tavern Road, The Plains, Virginia 20198

Google Map for Great Meadow

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