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About Us

Grapes & Grains is an international community and blog dedicated to food, drinks, arts and culture.

Grapes & Grains community
Grapes & Grains community

Our Blog

The great thing about good food and drinks, besides the flavor, is that it creates an interesting topic of conversation and a level of enjoyable personal experience based on your knowledge of it. Food and drinks also represents the culture, traditions and evolution of every society.

Our blog shares interesting articles on food and drinks from around the world with members of our community, our subscribers and readers with emphasis on pairing, history, culture and traditions.

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We endeavor to be the best source of information on the history and culture of food and drinks.

Grapes & Grains
Grapes & Grains

Our Things to Do Project

Travel is an important part of experiencing the food, drinks and culture of other places around the word, and our Things to Do Project allows travelers to share experiences and notes of places they have visited with other fellow travelers and friends, besides finding new places to explore.

Our Things to Do project
Our Things to Do project
Additionally, we provide our readers with brief descriptions of the food, drinks and culture of these places, besides rating the best experiences and notes to highlight the most relevant information.

Our International Community

Through our blog we have been able to attract an international audience who are part of our growing subscribers and blog readers. Our objective is to connect people through the understanding of food and drinks, and the cultures, traditions and history associated with them.

Over the period of our human history, the evolution of food and drinks represents the core values of human behavior to learn and improvise from others and from previous generations.

Our international community
Our international community

Our Social Community in Washington DC

The Grapes & Grains community was created to connect people in a diverse and multicultural city such as DC, using the three most fundamental components of socializing, found in every culture around the world—Food, Drinks and the Arts.

Our events, while creating a fun social atmosphere, allow our members to learn about their favorite drink, i.e. wine, beer, whisk(e)y and other spirits, while sharing their own culture with others through food and the arts.

Although we have over 2500 members, our events are typically limited to smaller group sizes, where the objective is to socialize around food and drinks, converse and enjoy the diverse company of others, which normally does not happen in larger group events.

Our Motto - 'Life is too short and time is too precious to waste on bad food, drink or company'.

Even though the primary objective of our group is to socialize and have a good time around food, drinks and the arts, we also aspire to have a meaningful impact on our local communities.

Our Social Responsibility - We aim to promote arts and culture while supporting the work of our local DC artists.

As we grow, we continuously evolve by bringing together new cultural experiences and ideas, through different professionals and artists. Our ‘Dinner with an Artist' program, created by collaborating with different local art communities and local restaurants invites different artists to join us for dinner, injecting a bit of creativity, culture and new experiences into our evening of socializing, while supporting the work of our local DC artists.

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